Basic information on ski/snowboard Assur'Glisse insurance policy

Simple, cheap, easy to use, just get it with your ski pass

Who are we?

Assur'Glisse services are coordinated by the association "Orion Ticket Neige", founded in 1986.

Orion Ticket Neige has a legal, marketing and communications role and coordinates around 120 ski resorts which actually distribute Assur'Glisse, and their technical partners; the whole organisation then works with the association, the ski resorts, an insurance company (Mutuaide Assistance), and a specialised insurance broker (Gras Savoye Montagne), in charge of the claims and all the financial and technical part of the insurance policy.

Should you have any question about our products, visit our contact page on this website, or contact us on our Facebook page "Assur'Glisse".

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How to subscribe?

Ski/Snowboard insurance covers are necessarily linked to a ski pass. Don't buy any insurance if it is not linked to a skipass, a specific skier, and a specific day or week of skiing.

Assur'Glisse can be purchased in 120+ ski resorts in France. Just ask "avec assurance" (with insurance) when you buy your ski pass at the bottom of the slopes.

For detailed information, please download the summary of the guarantees (standard version)

The following ski resorts sell specific Assur'Glisse products. Have a look at their documents.

La Bresse, Orcières, Risoul (Assur'Glisse ZEN)

Our advice

You already benefit from insurance covers with your credit card? Perhaps, but please check your specific guarantees in detail, major exclusions, and claim principles.